Posted by: rcwriter | October 17, 2008

Fiction Friday–Billy and the Skateboard

Today’s the day. It’s time for another installment of Fiction Friday. For more great fiction, check out our host blog for this week, My Heart’s Dee-Light

Here’s something of mine you haven’t seen. I can’t take all the credit for this story. It was written by Chatterbox’s 2nd grade class. I conducted a creative writing workshop with them, and this was the story we came up with.

Billy and the Skateboard

“HA! HA! HA!” Billy laughed when the boy’s face planted into the ground. She was amazed that he wasn’t hurt. “I guess that’s why he wore a helmet.” She feels sad because she’s left out. Billy wanted a skateboard for Christmas, but her mom couldn’t afford one. She hung her head to hide her tears from the boys.

Just then a dollar floated past her in the wind. Billy chased it down. When it hit the ground, she stomped on it. She picked up the bill and the number in the corner wasn’t a one, but 100. Billy had found a $100. Shocked at the sight of $100, she let the bill go. Again if flew away. After she chased it down, she held on tightly.

For a moment she thought about what to do with the money. In an instant she decided to buy a skateboard. Quickly, she hurried to the skateboard store. She picked out one that the boys at the skate park would think was cool. On the back, it had black wheels with green flames and a picture of a monkey. She grabbed it and headed for the checkout. On the way she spotted some helmets. She picked out a yellow one with a monkey on it. “I think I’ll get this, too.” After she paid for her special prize, she headed for the skate park.

The boys were leaving as she put on her helmet. She was glad she was alone. With all her courage, she stood at the top of the half pipe. It was a long way to the bottom. Her knees shook as she stepped onto the skateboard. Before she was ready the board shifted and sent her flying down the hill. Suddenly, her feet left the board and she was in the air. With a WHAM she landed on the smooth concrete. For a moment she lay there. A large shadow came over her and she saw a hand reaching out. She rolled over and looked into the face of Tony Hawk.

Smiling, he helped her up and said, “It’s a good thing you wore a helmet.”



  1. Wow, these kids are good collaborators with you, Rhonda! Very cool story.

  2. Wow, AWESOME!!!! How cool is this!

  3. That is classic. I could totally see my ten year old reading this and saying this is “off the hook”! Well done!

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