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Havah: The Story of Eve, My Review

‘ “Today I name you Havah, because you will live, and all who live will come from you, and you will give birth to hope.” ’

Havah: The Story of Eve is Tosca Lee’s fictional account of Eve, the first woman, and mother of all mankind. Told from Eve’s perspective you follow her extraordinary journey of seeking God. The impeccable writing grabs your attention as soon as the story begins, and holds you until the final word. The descriptions were very vivid, and the wording is excellent. Ms. Lee does a fantastic job keeping the story true to Biblical accounts, while adding fresh viewpoint. You’re able to relate with her and understand not only how her choices affected the world, but how they also affected her personal relationships with God, Adam and her children.

As I read this book, I looked at it from many different angles: Biblical, historical, and anthropological. In the Biblical perspective, I found to be accurate with Christian teachings. Sure there were some things added, but nothing worth arguing over. God’s word still stands true. Historically, it was interesting to see how life developed. How necessity was the mother of invention. Remember, they were the first people on earth and had nothing to pattern anything after. This then led me to the anthropological nature of the story. Watching a whole civilization form from two individuals was quite intriguing. The formation of crowded cities and specialized trades made a lot of sense. You’re even given some idea of how idol worship could have begun.

This was a book I couldn’t put down, even though I knew how it would end. I found myself entwined with the characters and their plight. I could see God working not only in their lives, but also in mine. There are lessons to be learned by all in these pages. Havah: The Story of Eve would be a great for any book club. It will stir much discussion and analysis.

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Product Details:

List Price: $ 14.99

Paperback: 368 pages

Publisher: NavPress Publishing Group (October 10, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1600061249

ISBN-13: 978-1600061240


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