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Interview with Tammy Melton

Hello beach friends,

It’s the wrong kind of weather to be walking on most of North American beaches, unless you’re really, really bundled up! It’s hot chocolate weather, not sundresses and beach towels.

Here’s my interview with this month’s featured author, Tammy Melton. Her Bible study, Loving God with All Five Senses, is this months featured book. I’ll post my review next week, but I have enjoyed this study.

RC: Other than God, what inspired you to write a Bible study?

TM: I have been blessed to have been brought up in a Godly household.  My father is a retired pastor who started 4 churches from the ground.  Both parents, as well as my grandmother who lived with us when I was young, not only took us to church, but lived the life before us daily.  I have not only been taught the Word my whole life, but God has planted a sincere desire to study His Word and communicate His truths to others.  I also love to write.  It just seems natural to use the tool of writing to share what God stirs in my heart!

RC: How did you settle on the topic of the five senses?

TM: This idea of this Bible study came during a time of fasting and prayer as I was seeking God for direction for my life and ministry.  The whole idea of “Lord, I love you SO much!  I want to love You with my whole being!” gave birth to Loving God With All Five Senses. Even though this time of fasting and prayer started out being a set apart time to seek God for direction, it ended up being more of a time of just wanting to soak in His presence.  It is then that we start getting a clue that the verse is right that says to seek God first and all the other things will work out.

RC: What is the most important lesson you learned while writing Loving God with All Five Senses?

TM: While I was writing this book, I experienced the most major attack on my life and ministry ever.  The onslaught of the enemy came with a vengeance.  At one point I found myself doing what I call “carpet time.”  That is when you lie down prostrate on the floor and poor it all out to God!  During that time, I prayed, “Lord, don’t let this trial pass before I learn everything I need to learn out of it!”  Then I thought, “Did I just pray that?!”  I learned through this that there is a level of intimacy with God that comes only through suffering, but that the joy that comes on the other side of going through a trial with God is so much greater than the pain we experience.  So much of the material in the book came as a direct result of what I went through.  The enemy was stupid, because now I’m not only stronger, but others have material to help them overcome as well!

RC: Do you have any other Bible studies, or writing projects in the  works?

TM: I have been praying about writing another book.  I am sensing that I am not done with the project of this one yet, so that is why God is not releasing me to write book 2 quite yet.  I have messages that go with each unit of the book.  One project is to get them on DVD to use for small groups.  As for other writing projects, I write a monthly column for  I want to get back into writing magazine articles again.  I love blogging on my personal blog as well.

RC: You’re a woman who wears many hats, can you briefly tell me about all your ministries?

TM: Legacy Ministries is the ministry God called me to start.  We are an interdenominational non-profit organization with a heart to see believers equipped to walk out God’s unique call on each of their lives.  We started the Legacy Equipping Center in January of 2008.  The center is a place for training (uniting people of different denominations to learn various areas of ministry), a place for healing (offering inner healing prayer sessions with trained facilitators), a place for resources (making Christian books and other materials available through our library), and a place of prayer/worship (providing opportunities for individual and group prayer and worship).  I also love Servanthood Ministries, the interdenominational organization that has given me ministerial credentials.  I teach Bible courses with them and help in leadership.  I am also a Christian speaker.  I love opportunities to speak to churches and ladies’ retreats and conferences.

RC: How do you fit writing and ministry around being a wife & mom?

TM: Good question!!  I think that God is helping me in this area to know that I am first a wife and mom before a minister.  In order to keep the right perspective on this, I have to have my alone time with God!  He let me know some years back that I would have a lot on my plate and that people would judge me for that, but I am to continue to look to Him, not them, for guidance.  If I get stressed or frustrated, I go spend time with Him and ask Him to let me know what is on my plate that He did not put there!  Sometimes I just fast ministry activities and spend time with my family.  The four of us have awesome family time!  I have learned that people who think they have to have my attention for help sometimes need to know that God is their only help.

RC: What Biblical character do you most admire and why?

TM: The first answer that comes to my mind is Mary, the mother of Jesus.  I am so often reminded of how after Gabriel came to this young virgin to tell her the incredible news that she was about to conceive God in flesh.  He told her that she was highly favored.  This shows me that favor is a by-product of purity.  Her response was, “Be it unto me according to thy word!”  I want faith like that!  Later on after the shepherds came to visit the baby Jesus in the manger, the Bible tells us that she pondered all these things in her heart.  I think that pondering what is going on around us helps us to not react too quickly and helps us to see more clearly God’s work all around us.

RC: What are you favorite books, and movies?

TM: Books– Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, God as He Longs for You to See Him by Chip Ingram, Total Forgiveness by RT Kendall

Movies– Facing the Giants, Fireproof, A Walk to Remember, Remember the Titans, The Passion of Christ

Authors– Francine Rivers, Chip Ingram, RT Kendall and Francis Frangipane

RC: What is your favorite down time activity?

TM: Spending time with my family. I especially like our trips to the beach.

RC: What would be your dream mission trip?

TM: I love mission trips!  I have gone on some good ones.  It really doesn’t matter where it is.  I just want opportunities to speak to people who have never heard the Gospel, as well as encourage believers in other parts of the world to keep on being salt and light!  I want to be a vessel God uses to help people from all over the world be successful doing  what our motto in Legacy Ministries says: “fulfilling our destiny to leave a legacy for Christ.”

Thanks Tammy!

Here you can view her blog.


  1. Great interview, Tammy! You are an inspiration to so many, and you always point us to the One who loves us more than anyone else. Thanks for all you do!

  2. HI Tammy,

    This was a fantastic interview!!! It put a few things in prospective for me, especially the part about being a wife and mom first. You’re right, God has given us a family to minister too and if we fail with that by not setting an example of God’s Love and Grace, then how can we be trusted with anyone else. Great interview!!!


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