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February Featured Author—Marty Norman

How many of you had an unconventional grandmother? I actually had two. Mamaw was a lady who was always up to something. She toll painted, owned her own kiln for ceramics, liked to travel some, and she loved to give us grandkids gifts she made. There were very few Christmas’s growing up that we didn’t have a gift made with her loving hands. Mamaw also loved to see her grandchildren enjoy the fruits of her hard work. She wasn’t a hoarder, but a sharer.

My other grandmother, we called her Mau. My brother couldn’t say ‘grandmother’ so she was branded ‘mau’ for life, but she didn’t care. Despite painful arthritis that devoured her body, she took up drawing at the age of 70. She was the one I always saw reading. She knew the workers at the book swap shop by name.

Both of these wonderful women left me a legacy of memories. I own several of their personal effects and still think of them when as I walk through my home. With today’s hurry up lifestyle and ‘50 being the new 40’ attitude grand-parenting has shifted into a new gear. Featured author Marty Norman addresses these in her new book, Generation G.

What is Generation G?

Generation G is the new silver generation – women that are not only silver, but also savvy, seasoned, and sophisticated.  We are a generation who, although aging, will never get old. Generation G women are vibrant, full of life, and ready to face the world head on.

Generation G grandmothers are:

….. in process of becoming who we were created to be,
….. coming into our own fullness,
….. recognizing the moment in time and making a difference,
….. in a season of splendor, using this opportunity to better the world,
….. a lasting monument and reminder of the heritage before and the possibility of after,
….. a living legacy, giving that which no one else can give,

….. in the perfect position to give gifts that unlock life,

….. connected to God, the world, and one another,

….. true to our values, who share our faith,
….. reflecting kindness and integrity in everything we do,
….. encouraging and inspiring a new generation,
….. repairers of the walls, healers of the breach.

Savvy Grandmothers are:

….. vibrant, alive, in touch, and active in the world,
….. eager to try new things, continuing to learn,
….. discerning and shrewd – not easily fooled,
….. involved with grandchildren on many different levels,
….. may babysit or help out when needed,
….. are passionate about life,
….. adore their grandchildren,
….. may have careers or are just starting new careers,
….. may be pursuing their passion,
….. are seasoned, have lots of wisdom to share, but are discerning at the same time.
….. just love life and are meeting it head on!

Who is Marty Norman?

Marty Norman is a wife, mother of two, and grandmother of four. She’s also a therapist, freelance-writer, bookkeeper, volunteer, workshop trainer, and poet. Her favorites are the autumn mountains, a cool summer breeze and winter snow. Growing old with her children and grandchildren is what she wants to do, but more importantly she makes the most of every day.

For more information on the book visit,, or



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