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Interview with Marty Norman

Hi all,

This month’s featured author, Marty Norman, is a fascinating woman. To say she’s a busy woman is an understatement. I’m amazed at all she does and have enjoyed getting to know her over the past few months. She definitely fits in with this beach crowd.

Thanks Marty for being my featured author this month.

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  1. “Generation G” is the first book of its kind I’ve seen. Why did you feel the need to write it?

It was not so much that I felt a need to write the book, but rather I felt compelled. When I started the book, it was not a book. It was just a series of essays for my grandchildren. For me having a grandchild is just the best, truly a gift from God. It’s hard to explain until you’ve been there, but it’s like your heart is so full it just pours out. Mine poured out on paper. In time my musings became a book. I wanted to couple the pure joy of being a grandmother with my thanksgiving to a merciful God for the miracle of the grandmother experience.

  1. Other than technology, what kinds of things to grandmothers’ today need to know that their grandmothers didn’t?

Wow, that’s a tough one. As I think back on my own grandmothers, it seems that times were so much simpler then. Life was slow and easy with more time for family, talking, and just being together. Life is so fast now. There is too much going on at one time. Carpools, phones ringing, activities, tv’s. Knowing how to make time for your grandchildren and then doing it is much more complicated than it used to be. As a grandmother I find that I have to be patient for there are schedules to coordinate and issues to deal with that our grandparents didn’t have – divorce, long-distance grand parenting, step grand parenting. The technology is another issue. The world is so fast it is hard to step on the merry-go-round when I’d rather be Julie Andrews surrounded by my grandchildren in the Swiss Alps singing “Doe, Re, Me”

  1. What does it take to be a “savvy Grandmother”?

A savvy grandmother is many things. She is seasoned, silver, sophisticated, wise, and hip. Willing to be involved, she listens with two ears and one heart and keeps her mouth shut most of the time. A savvy grandmother knows the difference between giving advice and making suggestions and is a silent guardian practicing what she preaches. But above all, a savvy grandmother is a godly woman, boldly sharing her faith and witness of god’s faithfulness as she passes on a godly legacy to the next generation.

  1. Can you briefly tell me about your grandchildren.

You bet – they are my favorite subject. I have four, almost five, grandchildren – beautiful blessings in my life as different on the inside as they are on the outside. Jack, the eldest, just turned 10, a red-head who is a thinker and reader. He loves camp and he has an innate technological expertise that is way beyond my ability to understand. A great fisherman he caught his first fish on the fly last summer. He has now given up worms for the real thing. Lily is 7, a strawberry blond who loves to dance and cook. She is a bit of a tomboy as she loves tennis, golf, and is big on water sports. She loves to fish, too, but doesn’t much like worms. James is 4, a tow headed sportsman who loves anything that has to do with trains or sports. Football, baseball, skateboarding, he does them all. He loves to fish also but prefers digging worms to worms on the hook. Strother is not quite 2 ½. Brown headed with the biggest blue eyes you ever saw, he can do almost anything. Even tempered and easy he will try or eat anything, though to look at him he is tall but thin. He too loves to fish but prefers the waterhose to the spinning reel. He would definitely rather water the worms than fish with them. I can’t wait to meet grandson #4 and grandbaby #5. I wonder what he’ll think of worms. These blessings are the light of my life and the joy of my heart.

  1. What ministries are you involved in?’

Right now my main ministry is to exhort and encourage grandmothers in sharing their faith and telling their stories. I also am an intercessor involved in many prayer groups. Right now I am involved with an organization that is building community in our city across racial and denominational lines through worship, prayer, and sharing. The amazing outreach that has come out of this group is impacting the community in ways that can’t even be measured. I have also been on three mission trips and am heavily involved in the disaster relief and orphan fund in Malawi, Central Africa. I have mentored in the public schools, been involved with the homeless, and taught alpha and discipleship classes over the past few years. I have also been involved in Cursillo and Happening, especially in Africa. Currently I am feeling God’s nudge in a new direction and am seeking him in prayer in this regard.

  1. Do you see “Generation G’ growing into a ministry in itself?

Yes, I think it’s possible. In many ways it already has but I think it can be so much more. I just don’t know what yet. I never could have imagined the direction it has already taken so I guess anything is possible. From here, it is hard to project what it might become. That is God’s department. Right now I am just putting it in God’s hands. I’m just along for the ride. So far, I ve been amazed by the opportunities that have been placed before me, and I am trying to be obedient. Currently I have been blessed to meet amazing women from all walks of life. The women that God is raising up are incredible. Their stories are amazing testimonies to God’s faithfulness and mercy. I think it is vital that they tell their children and grandchildren what God has done. The scripture tells us to “tell your children and grandchildren the mighty works that the lord has done”. Like the Israelites, we must pass on these stories to our families. If we do not, they will be lost.

  1. What about other books? Do you have any in the works?

Yes, actually I do. I have a number of children’s books that I have completed and I have been concentrating on them, especially my very first book which is my first fruits to the Lord. I am researching publishers and markets to determine my next step. I also am working on a book about the spiritual walk. It is always interesting to see the direction these things go. I don’t know what God has planned but I am on board and ready to roll when the time comes.

  1. What is your favorite grandmother activity to do with the grandchildren?

I love everything that has to do with grandchildren, but if I had my druthers, I love early mornings in bed, singing songs, telling stories – beginning the day in joy. I also love baking cookies, the mess of flour, powdered sugar, and assorted candies that are everywhere. Picnics are big too. Most of all I love to pray with my grandchildren at night. When I look in their eyes, tell them I love them and how much God loves them, it doesn’t get any better than that!

  1. Favorites

Books – Pillars of the earth, The Chosen, The Way of the Pilgrim, Practicing the Presence of God

Movies – “To Kill A Mockingbird”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Giant” “Sleepless in Seattle” “Same Time Next Year.” I’m pretty much all over the map with this one!

Authors – James Michener, Margaret George, Ken Follett, Sue Monk Kidd, Susan Howatch, Jean Auel.

  1. When its just you and your husband, and no grandkids, what kind of down time activites do the two of you enjoy?

We love sports, hiking, biking, horseback riding and travel. We both have a great love of history and love to experience different environments and cultures. We also love gardening and movies, but most of all we like to cuddle up under an aphghan with a roaring fire and a good book, especially in the mountains. A great reminder that life is, indeed, good.



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