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Fiction Friday–Kith ‘n Kin, Part 3

Welcome to Fiction Friday! Today,Yvonne is hosting at her blog My Back Door. Join us there for links to more fun fiction–whether you like reading fiction or writing it. We’d love to have you join us!

For all my wonderful friends, here’s part 3.


“Have you talked to Kith lately?”

My eyes closed as a sigh deflated my body. If I didn’t take this call now, I’d have to deal with my mother later. “Yes Mom, last night.”

“So you know?”

“That she and Tarzan went to Sweetwater, Texas, yes, I know.”

“Is that where they’re heading? All I got was a message on my machine saying they were taking off on a two week cross country bike trip. Why on earth are they going to Sweetwater, Texas?”

My mother’s yammering was starting to peck at my good sense like a woodpecker on the side of an oak tree. “Tarzan and some of his friends have a reunion there this time every year. They’re ones that accepted Christ after Tarzan shared his conversion experience. I don’t know why you’re getting so worked up? You know how much she likes to travel.”

The line was silent for a moment. “I know Aunt Kith has always loved to travel. I just wish they’d taken a car instead of that rattle trap he rides.” Genuine worry filled the telephone line.

“She’ll be fine. Tarzan is not going to let anything happen to her. He absolutely adores her. She’s his Bike Goddess.”

Bike Goddess? He really calls her that?”

I could see Mom’s face contort with disgust. A little giggle fell from my lips. “It’s just a joke. He says that she’s the best thing to ever happen to him.”

Again the phone fell silent. I was really hoping I could make a break before she could think of more questions. Why I thought I’d get off that easily, I don’t know.

Mom scoffed. “Whatever. As much as I dislike her biker-jungle-boy relationship, I can’t sit around and worry about her for two weeks. I have a life to live.”

That’s my mother, the eternal self-denying worrier. What she meant was she’d be cleaning and purging everything in sight for the next two weeks to prove that she’s not worried about Kith. When she doesn’t worry, we’re all miserable—and all our possessions are targets. “Well, I need to go, I have a ton of work.”

“Just one more minute, I want to make sure I have the details straight for Gloria. Aunt Kith and Earl are in Sweetwater, Texas for a reunion?”

I stared at the work on my desk. Something told me this minute was going to turn into an eternity. “With friends he helped win to Christ. There will only be enthusiastic Christians around them.”

“Thanks, honey. At least there will be Christian influence there.”

I chuckled. “If there weren’t, you know Kith. She’d be preaching to them.”

Mom chuckled too. “You’re right. One thing Kith likes to do is talk about Jesus.” Her voice turned serious. “I do have one more thing. Are you sure all they’re going to do is visit with old friends, or did they go to Sweetwater for another purpose? ”

Tiny beads of sweat popped out onto my upper lip and my hands grew damp. One thing I could never do to my mother was lie—and she knew it.

“Mom, I really need to go…”

“Not until you answer my question. What exactly will they be doing in Sweetwater?”

I hated being in this position. I knew the real reason for the trip to Sweetwater. Tarzan does gather there with his friends this time of year, but there is a particular reason.

“I’m waiting.” Her firm, authoritative voice grabbed my conscious like the jaws of guilt, and squeezed. Aunt Kith didn’t say not to tell the family, but we decided it would be better if they didn’t know about the rattlesnake part.

I closed my eyes and allowed the words to tumble out. “They’re meeting his friends for the annual Sweetwater rattlesnake hunt.”

Dead silence. Not even a gasp was heard. “Mom?”

“Yes, darling, I’m here.” Her voice quivered. My mind’s eye could see her neck twitch and her eyes flutter.

“I’m just trying to process that my aunt is riding half way across the country, on the back of a motorcycle, to hunt for rattlesnakes.”

The absurdness of my mother’s statement was hysterical. For a moment I imagined Kith out on the open road. Movie star sunglasses shade her eyes from a burning orange sunset. Bright red lipstick covering thin lips are kissing the wind. Her silver hair tangles in the stiff breeze. In one hand she’s holding the Bible and in the other, a dead rattlesnake.



  1. Love this story. I’ve known some bikers like Tarzan; it cracks me up when people judge them by appearance, and not by their spirits.

  2. Love it! Great characterization and detail and ALL.

  3. I really enjoy these characters. And your dialog between the mom and daughter is just priceless. Thanks for sharing this series. Can’t wait for the next part!

  4. I love these characters!

  5. Wow, you drew me in and kept me there. I was chuckling out loud at the picture at the end. Wildly entertaining!

  6. ROFL! This is so funny! I really am enjoying this story. Thanks so much for the part 3. You make your MC so real, but the last part of this episode is really the best…I’ll have that picture stuck in my head all day now…riding on a bike with a bible in one hand and dead rattlesnake in the other. LOL!

  7. What a picture you drew in my mind! Well done!


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