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Featured Author–Michelle Sutton

Michelle Sutton is the author of severa books. Her latest release, It’s Not About Me, is the featured book here at  Beach Reads this month. Today’s the day we get to know a little more about Michelle. Don’t forget to comment so you’ll have a chance (or an extra chance) to win a copy of It’s Not About Me.

1. I’m amazed at all you do. You’re Editor in Chief of Christian Fiction Online Magazine, on staff with Sheaf House, maintain a blog with weekly contests, run Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers, a social network site, and write books. How do you balance all this with being a wife and mom?

MS: It’s not that hard, actually, because my husband works a lot and my sons are both in high school and pretty independent. I only have one channel on my television so I never watch TV and waste time that way. I do work 40 hours per week, though, plus read a lot of books. I read 97 books last year and started 40 others I didn’t finish. Crazy, huh? But I love to read and I love to write so it doesn’t seem like work to me. I also really enjoy doing the magazine even though that does feel like work. As far as my role with Sheaf House, I’m their marketing person because marketing is a gift of mine so they consult with me. It just helps everyone’s sales. I am not the only person at Sheaf House who is gifted, either. We all have different gifts and they compliment each other. I do have friends and do participate in fun activities with friends and family so I’m not a totally dud in front of the computer every day, though I do spend more time in front of it that I’d prefer.

2. Do you have any other ministries besides those listed above?

MS: Yes, I do. I sing on the worship team (lead vocals) for my church. This requires from between 4-6 hours per week of practice time. We’ve even talked about starting a band. We’ll see. For now we’re just having a blast and we sound pretty stinkin’ good, too.

3. You’re recent release, “It’s Not About Me,” and its sequel “It’s Not About Him” (scheduled for Sept 09 release) are classified as Young Adult books. Do you write other genres besides YA?

MS: Actually, I prefer to write romance and women’s fiction. The series I sold just came out of me with a YA voice. I have a heart for young people and that is probably why the YA titles are well-received. But I wouldn’t say I’m a YA author, just an author who happens to write some YA fiction.

4. You’re children are young adults. What do they think about mom writing in the YA genre?


MS: think it’s pretty cool that their mom has a book in stores. I donated a copy to one of my son’s high school libraries (Tombstone, AZ) and quite a few people have approached my son and said they read my book and loved it. Now they want to own their own copies. He thinks that is great. My other son attends a larger high school and I’m speaking there on the 11th but unfortunately he’s going out of town on a competition trip with his high school club so he won’t be there. He said his friends think it’s great that I am an author, too. They are proud of me. In fact, my youngest, the one in the large high school, asked me how I got inspired to write. Then he asked me to summarize my 10+ books I’ve written and tell him where I got the ideas for the premise. Methinks the boy may want to write books, too. He’s certainly gathering ideas. 🙂 He’s also very talented. Both of my kids are.

5. You give American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) credit for improving your writing skill. Can you tell us specifically how you benefited?


MS: I received loads of training, encouragement, mentorship, etc. over the past few years. I have attended five writing conferences with ACFW and the skills I’ve learned as a result (not to mention the amazing friendships I developed) are invaluable to me as an author.


6. What’s your favorite part of the writing process?

MS: My favorite part of the process is the writing itself. I don’t mind editing either because that means I’m closer to the book’s release. I love writing romantic scenes and hearing feedback from readers. I love being an author.


7. What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

MS: When I’m not writing I am eating, sleeping, reading, working, or having fun with friends and family. Never wasting a minute, though. To me that’s the worst thing I could do.

8. Favorites:

a. Movies

MS: Charlotte Gray, Ever After, The Prince and Me, A Walk to Remember, Summersby, etc. Any love story counts if it’s full of romantic tension. I don’t like smut.

b. Books

MS: Too many to count. Same with authors. I have too many varying tastes in authors and books.


9. What’s your favorite family activity?

MS: Playing board games or just hanging out. My kids are great. We all are having fun on the worship team, too, because my sons joined a few months back. One plays bass guitar and the other plays piano and sings. We have a blast. My hubby can’t carry a tune in a bucket so he just listens and supports us that way.

10. If you had $500 to spend on an indulgence just for yourself, what would it be?

MS: Oh, I’d spend a few days at a spa where I’d get the spoiling treatment (massages, facial, mani-pedi, etc) and I’d bring some good books with me and read them.


  1. Great interview. I’ve read the book, it rocks! I have a couple people in mind I’d give a copy of the book if I won. So yeah, enter me in the drawing. sheriboeyink [at] cox [dot] net.


  2. This is a book I would love to read!

    Thanks and I loved the interview btw

  3. Thank you for the interview. I would love to win this book to share with a sweet teenage girl I am caregiver of. Thank you for the entry.

  4. I appreciate this chance to be included in the drawing for this book….. Michelle is one of my favorite people……. the best to everyone….

  5. Thanks for writing YA books,kids need role models. Try to finish more books this year,you might be missing something in the ones you quit on.

  6. I didn’t realize the two books you mention are YA. I’ll probably still read them, as I glean what YA are thinking. Always interested in how diff age groups think. Don’t like to be out of touch. I also need to find your adult books. Wish you would have listed them, but I’m a good ‘googler.’

    Thanks for the interview and chance to win your book.

  7. I’ve heard about this book and it sounds great!

  8. Pls don’t include me in the giveaway as I already have a copy of Michelle’s book. Just dropping by to get more of the skinny on Michelle 🙂

    Thanks for the interview, ladies!

  9. Please include me in your giveaway. I would love a chance to read this book.

  10. I so want to read this book. Please enter me into the contest.


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