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Fiction Friday–The Adventures of Vern & Clem

Hey friends,

I’m hosting Fiction Friday this week. I’m so glad you stopped by. Be sure and check out the links below for more great stories.

Vern & Clem are favorite characters from the past. I thought this month I’d bring them back for a little fun. Click here to read the previous story, Clem Get’s Learnt.

Muddy Rivers

“Hey, Vern, guess what?”

Vern closed his gills and pull his fins in tight. He would have shut his eyes if he could. He had hoped to avoid Clem today. Between studying for his big Fishology test, and his job at the local BogMart, he just didn’t have time for Clem’s antics.

Clem swam up beside him. “Vern, Vern, guess what?”

“No, not today, Clem. I don’t have time. I just got off work, and I need to study.” Vern swished his tail and fins glided away.

Clem dashed after Vern, and pulled two tickets from his gill pocket. “Wait up. Look, what I found.”

Vern looked at the tickets and his eye widened. “Those are Muddy Rivers tickets. Where’d you get them?”

“Oh, they sort of stuck to me when I swam past my sister’s dresser.” Clem swam in a circle around Vern with his bottom lip poked out.

“Ah, I see. You stole them.” Vern’s eyes narrowed as much as possible. “You know stealing is wrong.”

Clem stopped. “No they really did stick to me. My sister must have gotten into that bubble gum those fishermen use on the trot lines near the house. She said I could have them.”

“Your sister gave you two tickets to a concert that’s been sold out for months? That sounds sort of humany to me.”

“Nah, she told mom I could have them. She got called in to work. So, you wanna go?”

“Isn’t that way down on Streams Edge? That’s a rough part of town. You know those channel cats don’t like us hanging out there.”

Clem waved his fin, “Ah, who cares about those mean ol’ catfish. They’re bark is worse than their bite. Huh, huh, get it?”

Vern shook his head. “Yes, I get it. I’m just not so sure we should go.”

Once again Vern held the tickets near Vern’s eye. “But these are free tickets and we may never get to see Muddy Rivers again. Plus, I know the Turtle Brothers are opening.”

Vern stared at the tickets and sucked in his lower lip. The Turtle Brothers was his favorite group just behind Muddy Rivers. He tapped his fin to the side of his body. A concert of a lifetime, or a test in the morning? “Oh, all right, you win. But I can’t be out too late; I do have that test in the morning.”

“Yeehaw!” Clem leapt up and turned a back flip. The tickets jarred loose from his hand and floated to the bottom of the murky lake.

For more great Fiction Friday stories, click on the link below.


  1. Sounds kind of humany – HA! I love the ironic little twist at the end. Cute and fun!

  2. What a fun read! I can’t wait to read more this and I just had to go read the first part too. Good stuff!!

  3. Very fun – and you’d BETTER write the rest – and post it here! Great stuff!

  4. Oh boy – he lost the tickets? That was just plain mean! Oh boy;) Good story.

  5. I was reading yesterday about types of conflict. I believe this story comes under—-cliff hanger! You got me good, wanting more!

  6. What a fun read! (and yes, I’m hoping there’s more to come–but I’m pretty sure there is…)

    Thanks for hosting for us today!!

  7. Hey! What happened? I’m with Rick–there’d better be a sequel! ( :

  8. I’m hoping this is a “to be continued”; you’ve left it wide open for more. I’m really starting to like Vern and Clem.


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