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Fiction Friday–Adventures of Vern & Clem

I’m a little late posting this week. I’m out of town. Hope all of you have a great weekend. If you missed the last two installments of Vern and Clem click on the Fiction Friday category on the right.

For more fun stories go to My Heart’s Dee-Light.

Thanks Dee for hosting.

Adventures of Vern & Clem- Part 2

“Great, Clem, now look what you’ve done.”

Clem dropped his big, droopy lip. “Sorry.”

Guilt pierced Vern’s heart like a fisherman’s hook. “I’m sorry. I didn’t make you feel so bad. Let’s swim down and see if we can find it.”

The two fish took off and dived to the bottom of the lake. “Clem you look over there and I’ll look over here. It should be pretty close.”

For several minutes the fish searched the lake bed. Then, Clem spotted the ticket hovering just above the silt bottom. “Hey, Vern, I found it.”

Vern darted in the direction of Clem. Just before either on could put a fin on it, the ticket flew above their heads.

“Looking for something?”

The two fish looked in the direction of the voice. It was Snappy the Alligator Snapping Turtle.

“Hey, Snappy. How are you doing? It’s been a while. Thanks for taking care of our tickets.” Vern knew Snappy’s reputation and wanted to stay on his good side, and that was away from his mouth.

“Clem and Vern, two big dumb bass. I’m surprised you two are still in this lake and not fried up for dinner.”

“Heh heh, that’s really funny. You really have a way with jokes. We really need to go, so if you’ll just give us those tickets, we’ll get out of your neighborhood.”

Snappy opened his jaw and clamped it shut. “Now who’s being the funny one? You really think I’m going to give these tickets back? I found them, and you know the saying.”

Vern felt all his fins stand up straight. “You know those tickets are ours.”

“If they were yours, you’d still have them in your fins.” Snappy swam up to Vern and touched his lip.

Vern backed off. “Look, we don’t want any trouble we just want our tickets back.”

“Then you’ll have to catch me.” Snappy kicked his legs and sped off.

Vern and Clem looked at each other. “Vern he’s headed for the stream current.”

“Let’s go. Once he catches the current we may never find him.”

Clem nodded his head. “I know. Those humans think turtles move so slow on land, they should try catching them down here.”


  1. Got busy last week and didn’t get a chance to read everything, but I’m working on getting caught up this week. It’s obvious Vern and Clem were fun for you to write, because the fun carries right through to the reader.

  2. I very much enjoyed this story. Sounds like Vern & Clem are off to a great adventure.

  3. I just love your characters. I’m looking forward to more.

    Rhonda, I wanted to let you know that I listed your site as an award recipient on my blog. I really enjoy your stories and I love your tender nature.

    • Thanks Lynn. This is totally unexpected.

  4. What great personalities you’ve given these “fishy” characters! I look forward to reading more of their adventures!

  5. These characters are in a world all their own and it’s a fun world to be in! Love the visual images I get with these two!

  6. Very fun and clever. Looking forward to more of the story!

  7. I love these fish stories. I am wondering how they are going to deal with the turtle. Can’t wait to find out more about Vern & Clem!


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