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Fiction Friday–The Adventures of Vern & Clem–Final

It’s Friday again. Here’s my last installment of Vern & Clem. This is a rough draft, so please it’s not my best work. I didn’t have much time to polish this one. Next month, I’m taking a break from Fiction Friday to focus on my novel. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the past two series, and I will do more in the future.

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The current was swift and rough. Recent rains turned it from relaxing highway to a pulse pounding autobahn. Vern kept a keen eye on Snappy.

“YEEEE HAAAWWWW!!!” Clem shot past Vern for the third time.

“Clem, would you stop. I can’t keep my eyes on Snappy with you zipping all over the place.”

Twisting his fish body in spiral, Clem hollered again. “Woo hoo, it’s not often we get to play in this kind of current.”

“I know, but remember the lake mayor installed cameras on those tree branches. You could get a ticket in the mail.”

Vern’s eye saw Snappy jump to left out of the current.

“Hey, Snappy got out just past Old Giant Rock.”

The fish made a dash and leap out of the current beside the rock, and followed the turtle through a muddy pass that turned into a tangled mass of tree roots and loud music.

“Hey, y’all got any tickets?”

Vern & Clem couldn’t see the huge catfish’s eyes behind the dark glasses. His hat perched on the side of his flat head.

“Uh.” Vern gave Clem a sideways glance. “We did, but Snappy stole them.”

The catfish gave a short nod. “Sorry, but I can’t let you in without a ticket.”

Vern looked over at his buddy. Clem’s fins and head were drooping so low they almost touched the ground. “It’s okay. Things happen.” He reached out and patted Clem on the fin.

“But why do they always happen to me?”

His heart tightened up. Things like this always did happen to Clem.

“Owww! Owwww!”

Vern looked over to see a guitar case resting on Clem’s tail. Clem was wiggling so hard, he looked like a fishing hook had him.

“Hold on there fella.”

The gravel voice sounded familiar. The bass looked up into the eyes of Muddy Rivers.

“I-I-It’s you.” The lower lips of this fish dropped open.

“Heh, heh, heh. Yeah, it’s me. Sorry about your tail, I didn’t see you there. You okay little guy?”

Clem stared, bug eyed at the fish, and gulped. “If I say no, will that get us into your show?”

“Heh, heh, heh, come on boys. You can go backstage with me.”

Muddy Rivers headed through the door with Clem behind. Vern just treaded water.

“Aren’t you going in?” The Catfish at the door asked.

Vern looked at the bouncer, Muddy Rivers, and then Clem, who was chattering up a storm. Then he shook his head. “Yes, yes I am.”

Swimming through the door, he spotted Snappy on the left. Clem was heading straight for the turtle. Before he could do anything, Clem grabbed Snappy’s face with two fins and gave him a sloppy kiss on the lips. He looked into the turtle’s eyes, and said, “Thank you.”

Two bream in blue uniforms swam up on each side of Snappy and took his arms. “Yes, officers, this is the turtle who stole my tickets.

Vern shook his head.

Two weeks later, Clem received a ticket in the mail and a picture of himself waving at a traffic camera.


  1. Cute story! Reminded me of Finding Nemo. I need to check out your previous tales as this is the first one I’ve read. Good luck with that novel!

  2. I hope to see you revisit Vern and Clem in the future.

    Just a suggestion, but how about posting excerpts from your novel for Friday Fiction? That way, you get the work done, and still participate. (hint hint)

  3. Great story! Going to miss you, but that novel is important! 🙂

  4. Fun characters and a delightful story. We’ll miss ya next month!

  5. Very, very cute ending to a very sweet story! :*)


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